Amboseli Baboon Research Project

The Amboseli Baboon Research Project (ABRP) is one of the longest-running studies of wild primates in the world. Focused on the savannah baboon, Papio cynocephalus, ABRP is located in the Amboseli ecosystem of East Africa, north of Mt. Kilimanjaro. The project team tracks hundreds of known individuals in several social groups over the course of their entire lives. Currently around 300 animals are monitored, but, over the last four decades, the project team has accumulated life history information on over 1,500 animals. Research at ABRP is continually centered on processes at the individual, group and population levels, but, in recent years, the study also started evaluating other aspects of baboon biology, such as genetics, hormones, nutrition, hybridization, parasitology and relations with other species. The project hosts the BABASE baboon data management system that is designed to facilitate the retrieval, storage and maintenance of project data.

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