Aging Research

CPHA research scholars are at the forefront of population Aging research. Known for its expertise and intellectual leadership, CPHA has gained wide recognition for the Center’s interdisciplinary work on modeling the interplay of demographic and genetic factors that influence aging, morbidity, disability and mortality processes.

Because Aging is a complex multifaceted process, CPHA research focuses on all aspects of aging. Encompassing both traditional demographic approaches and interdisciplinary collaborations, CPHA research is organized around three signature research themes:

  • Biodemography: As leaders in this expanding field, CPHA researchers investigate both human and nonhuman primate studies, focusing on the  biomedical demography of human aging and longevity, and the biological demography of nonhuman primate species.
  • Life Course Studies: CPHA has been a leader in developing the field of life course studies for over 40 years, especially in using longitudinal data sources to understand the pace and the trajectory of aging and the causes of morbidity and mortality.
  • Intergenerational Studies: CPHA explores shared environments observable in families, schools, neighborhoods, and other contexts. Researchers also study the transmission of biological and social characteristics across generations as fundamental sources of variations in adult outcomes, including age trajectories of physical and mental health.

CPHA research initiatives have led to the creation of Major Data Collections that are used by researchers worldwide, as are the many new mathematical and statistical models and methods developed by members of CPHA’s affiliated Biodemography of Aging Research Unit (BARU) to analyze and integrate biomedical  and population data on health and Aging.

To keep CPHA members at the forefront of Aging research, the Center also offers a Pilot Award Program that takes risks on highly innovative projects. Often these seed grants support primary data collection efforts that lead NIH funding to pursue a larger project.