Innovation in Data & Measurement


The Collaborative for Innovation in Data & Measurement in Aging (CIDMA) is a collaboration of researchers at the University of Chicago, Center for Healthy Aging Behaviors and Longitudinal Investigations (CHABLIS) and CPHA. CIDMA identifies, designs, conducts and assesses innovations in data collection and measurement for use in current and future data-focused studies of aging.

Innovations include:

  • Extending place-based studies of activities of individuals and their consequences for health and well-being from urban to rural settings
  • Adapting methods for measuring cognition and brain functioning from laboratory to field settings
  • Assessing ways to improve the collection of survey data and data from health records in both hospital- and population-based settings, with special emphasis on developing methods to improve subject recruitment and retention and the use of adaptive consenting processes to establish trust

Innovations are tested through rapid assessments focused on developing measures and methods that are cost-effective and that can be implemented in a range of settings, especially those “in the field” for population-based studies. Summer Institutes and symposia are planned to disseminate and educate data collection professionals in the study of aging.

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