Demography Daze 2023

Demography Daze 2023

Demography Daze is back! Demography Daze, an annual workshop that brings together Duke and Carolina population scholars, postdocs and students to encourage idea exchange and incentivize collaborative population research will resume this year. DUPRI will host the 9th annual Demography Daze on Friday, September 15 from 1:00PM - 5:15PM in Gross Hall room 270. A reception will follow on the Gross Hall Portico. Please join us!

Welcome: Giovanna Merli (DUPRI) and Karen Guzzo (CPC)

1:00 - 2:30: General Session I. Inequality and Health (15 min presentations)
Moderated by Scott Lynch (Duke)

  • Tyson Brown (Duke), "On Measuring Structural Racism and its Effects on Population Health"
  • Todd Jensen (UNC), "Add Health Parent Study: Advancing Multigenerational Research on Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Health"
  • Carolyn Halpern (UNC), "Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity & Socioeconomic Status (Add Health)"
  • Herman Pontzer (Duke), "The Impact of Economic Development on Physical Activity, Energy Requirements, and Metabolic Health"

2:40 - 3:35: Flash Talk Session (5 min presentations)
Moderated By Giovanna Merli (Duke)

  • Marcos Rangel (Duke), "In the Eye of the Beholder: Social Networks and Educational Attainment"
  • Allison Frost (UNC), "Does Parenting Mediate the Association Between Maternal Depression and Child Development? A Longitudinal Study in Pakistan"
  • Christina Gibson-Davis (Duke), Lisa Keister (Duke), Lisa Gennetian (Duke), Shuyi Qiu (Duke), "Net worth poverty and Educational Attainment in Young Adulthood"
  • Sung-mok Jung (UNC), "Findings from the US Scenario COVID Modeling Hub"
  • Scott Lynch (Duke), "Years of Life Lost by those who died from COVID: The human cost of variation in state policies across the pandemic"
  • Mohanraj Krishnan (UNC), "Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS) and severe obesity"
  • Eric A. Bai (Duke), Madeleine Beckner (Duke), Botao Ju (Duke), Jerry P. Reiter (Duke), Ted Mouw (UNC), M. Giovanna Merli (Duke), "Bayesian Record Linkage with Application to Chinese Immigrants in Raleigh-Durham (ChIRDU) Study"

3:45 - 5:15: General Session II. Population Dynamics and Policy (15 min presentations)
Moderated by Karen Guzzo (UNC)

  • Carmen Gutierrez (UNC), "The ACA and the demography of the criminal justice population"
  • Martin Eiermann (Duke), Chris Wildeman (Duke), and Garret Baker (Duke), "Four Worlds of Child Maltreatment and Foster Care Placement"
  • Lisa Gennetian (Duke), "Unconditional cash to US families with children: Evidence from a longitudinal randomized control study"
  • Barry Popkin (UNC), "The Global Food Research Program's Global Work: Creating a Toolkit of Policies That Work"
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Gross Hall 270