Building a User Community for The Add Health Parent Study

This project uses data from two waves of interviews from Add Health Parent Study respondents, in combination with the longitudinal data from the National Longi­tudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health (Add Health), to implement activities that will expedite the devel­opment of an Add Health Parent Study data user community. Linked Add Health Parent Study- Add Health data supports research exploring intergenerational transmission processes in a multitude of domains including health functionality, health behavior, cognition and family relationships, adding an important dimension to the study of aging and aging related issues. The project also develops new data discovery tools, user guides and workshops to promote dynamic growth in a community of re­searchers interested in utilizing the linked AHPS-Add Health data to address these wide-ranging research areas. These tools and resources provide the public health research community better access to understanding the pace and differentiation of aging in two genera­tions.

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NIA/CPHA P30 Supplement