Don't Miss our DUPRI Spring 2021 Seminar Series

Don't Miss our DUPRI Spring 2021 Seminar Series

Don’t Miss our DUPRI Spring 2021 Seminar Series

DUPRI  Seminars will be held via Zoom, generally from 3:30 to 5:00 PM PM on Thursdays during the semester as indicated below.  To obtain Zoom Link, please email:

1/21/2021       Demography of Health and Aging Seminar (*) Ruth Wygle and Anna Hollerman, Predoctoral students Department of Sociology, TBD

1/28/2021       Jerome Reiter,  Department Chair and Professor of Statistical Science, Duke University, “Providing Access to Confidential Research Data”

2/4/2020          Demography of Health and Aging Seminar (*), TBD

2/11/2021       Hedwig Lee, Professor of Sociology and Associate Director for the Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity, and equity, Washington University in St. Louis, TBD.

2/18/2021       V. Joseph Hotz, Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor of Economics, Duke University, "The Add Health Parent Study: Overview & Initial Findings"

2/25/2021       Avshalom Caspi, Edward M. Arnett Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience, Duke University, “Charting Mental Disorders from Childhood to Midlife”

3/4/2021          Allison Aiello, Professor of Epidemiology, the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health, “Immune Response to Cytomegalovirus and Cognition in the Health and Retirement Study”

3/11/2021       Noreen Goldman, Hughes-Rogers Professor of Demography and Public Affairs, Harvard University  and Theresa Andrasfay, PhD, Princeton University, “Racial and Ethnic Differentials in COVID-19 Mortality”

/18/2021       Emily Hannum, Professor of Sociology and Education, Associate Dean of Arts & Sciences, University of Pennsylvania, ”Educational System Consolidation: The Case of China’s Rural School Closure Initiative” 

3/25/2021       Herbert Smith, Professor of Sociology, the University of Pennsylvania, “Population Aging:  On the Future of a Delusion”

4/1/2021          Demography of Health and Aging seminar (*).  Lindsay Xu, Predoctoral student, Department of Sociology, “Mate Preferences in Online Dating: Evidence from a Chinese Online Dating Website”

4/8/2021          Mario Small, Grafstein Family Professor of Sociology, Harvard University, “Financial Institutions, neighborhoods, and racial inequality.”  

4/15/2021       Kenneth Ferraro, Distinguished Professor of Sociology, Director, Center on Aging and the Life Course, Purdue University,  “Early Social Origins and Mediators of Biological Risks in Later Life”

(*) Demography of Health and Aging (DOHA) Seminars are predoctoral student led seminars