R Computational Training

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R Computational Training
CPHA  has also developed training and resources on the statistical programming language R. These trainings encourage Stata and SAS users to transition to R for their data analysis and computation. R’s benefits in terms of collaboration, big data analysis and cloud computing make it well-suited to the future of demographic and social science research.

CPHA offers three R-specific training courses:

An Introduction to R is suited for Stata and SAS users and it provides an overview of R’s syntax and benefits. It explores data types, data manipulation, regression, graphics and programming. The training includes hands-on examples and exercises with real-world data.

Collecting Web-Based Data Using R covers making HTTP requests, web scraping, working with structured or scraped web data, interacting with APIs and obtaining open data.

Text Analysis Using R explores data import and formatting, cleaning and prepping documents, data visualization, exploratory analysis, basic network analysis and topic modeling.

For all of these trainings, R scripts, code, data, reports and presentations are available for download. Materials have been created from the ground up, to ensure the inclusion of the newest techniques in R.