DUPRI has cancelled all Remaining Seminars this Semester

Due to the recent travel and event restrictions imposed by Duke, DUPRI has cancelled all remaining Seminars this semester.

A full list of Upcoming DUPRI  Population, Health and Aging Seminars can be found here. Seminars generally take place at Gross Hall  Room 270 at 3:30 PM. Please see specific announcements for any changes:

Spring 2020 Seminars

1/9/2020        Demography of Aging Training Seminar: Sarah Cross, Predoctoral Student, Department of Sociology, Duke University, "Changes in Place of Death in the United States."

1/16/2020      Thomas McDade, Professor  of Anthropology and Faculty Fellow, Institute for Policy Research and Director, Laboratory for Human Biology Research,  Northwestern University, “Three common assumptions about inflammation and aging that are probably wrong.”

1/23/2020      Michela Carlana, Assistant Professor of Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School, “Revealing Stereotypes: Evidence from Immigrants in Schools.”

1/30/2020      Arnaud Maurel, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics , Duke University, "Fertility and Uncertainty."  

2/6/2020       Demography of Aging Training Seminar (with Jessica West) is rescheduled for February 13, 2020.  

2/13/2020     Demography of Aging Training Seminar: Jessica West, Predoctoral Student, Department of Sociology, Duke University,  "Examining Longitudinal Healthcare Utilization, Outcomes, and Satisfaction in Older Adults with Sensory Impairments."   

2/20/2020      Jayanti Owens, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Brown University, "What Drives Racial/Ethnic Disparities in School Discipline?'

2/27/2020      Christopher Wildeman, Professor of Policy analysis and Management and Sociology; Associate Vice Provost for the Social Sciences; Director of the Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational Research; Director of the National Data Archive on Child Abuse and Neglect, Cornell University, "Paternal Incarceration and Birth Outcomes: Evidence from New York City, 2010-2016."

3/5/2020       Demography of Aging Training Seminar: Ruth Wygle ("The effect of confinement conditions on recidivism: a look at the practice of jail leasing by a state prison system") and Anna Holleman, ("The Paradox of Mental Health Services in Religious Congregations: The Impact of Orientations Toward Spiritual and Secular Healing"). Wygle and Holleman are Post Doctoral Students, Department of Sociology, Duke University.

3/19/2020 - CANCELLEDKenneth  Ferraro, Distinguished Professor of Sociology, Purdue University, "Early Social Origins and Mediators of Biological Risks in Later Life."

3/26/2020 - CANCELLED: Robert Garlick, Assistant Professor of Economics, Duke University, "Multidimensional network connections in a rapidly changing economic environment."

4/16/2020 - CANCELLEDDemography of Aging Training Seminar: Allison Stolte. Student, Sociology. 

Fall 2019 Seminars 

09/05/2019   Jane Waldfogel, Compton Foundation Centennial  Professor of Social Work for the Prevention of Children's and Youth Problems,  Columbia School of Social Work and Co-director of the Columbia Population Research Center, “Understanding the effects of paid family and medical leave on employers”

09/12/2019   Gregory  Samanez-Larkin, Assistant Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience, Duke University, “Motivation in the Aging Brain

09/19/2019   Maya Rossin-Slater,  Assistant Professor, Department of Health Research and Policy, Stanford University School of Medicine, “When Dad Can Stay Home: Fathers' Workplace Flexibility and Maternal Health

09/26/2019    Jennifer Barber,  Research Professor, Population Studies Center and Associate Chair, Sociology, the University of Michigan, “The Social Context of Influence, Coercion, and Control: Intimate Relationships and Reproductive Behaviors”

10/03/2019    Molly Copeland, PhD Candidate, Department of Sociology, Duke University, Title: When the Ties that Bind Cut: Self-harm and Peer Networks in Adolescence and Samuel H. Fishman, PhD, Postdoctoral Associate, Department of Sociology, Duke University,Title: Maternal age at Birth and Offspring’s Education and Health Outcomes: Reviewing Past Research and Future Directions

10/10/2019    Daniel  Lichter,  Director of the Institute for the Social Sciences, Professor of Policy Analysis and Management, Cornell University  “The Urbanization of Rural America: Shifting Rural-Urban Boundaries and the Places Left Behind”

10/17/2019   Kate Cagney, Director, Population Research Center , NORC, and Professor of Sociology, University of Chicago, "Activity Space, Social Interaction and Health in Later Life"

10/24/2019  Susan Short,  Director, Population Studies and Training Center, Professor,  Department of Sociology, Brown University  Director, Population Studies and Training Center, Professor,  Department of Sociology,  Brown University , "Sex, Gender and Demography."

10/31/2019  Dean Spears,  Faculty Research Associate, Population Research Center, University of Texas at Austin, “Maternal nutrition and early life health in India: Puzzles and evidence from birth order “

11/07/2019 Miles Marsala, PhD Candidate, Department of Sociology, Duke University Title: Disparities in cardiovascular disease and the Great Recession: Did disparities in heart disease narrow or widen since the Great Recession? and Scott Lynch, Professor, Department of Sociology, Duke University  Title: Consequences of ignoring seemingly ignorable competing risks: Some interesting differences between hazard model and multistate life table results.

11/14/2019   Gale Boyd,  Associate Research Professor in Economics, Duke University, Research Opportunities Using Non-Public Data Available in Duke's Federal Statistical Research Data Center

11/21/2019  Stefanos Tyrovolas,  Parc Sanitari San Joan de Deu, Barcelona, Spain, Aging and sarcopenia: evaluation, determinants and burden in the USA

12/05/2019  Demography of Aging Training Seminar- Christina Kamis Title: Measuring Childhood Adversity: Latent Class Analysis with Distal Outcomes